• Comparison made easy

    Price comparison is very popular with consumers as it allows them to quickly and easily find the best deals. Having relevant up to date deals on your site adds value to the user experience and can be a great source of income for you.

    revAdd provides the technology for your comparison and offer tools. Whether you want to display a couple of offers on your blog or create your own comparison site, deploy our tools, then get on with everything else knowing that this is being taken care of.

  • Data always up to date

    revAdd is always checking to make sure we provide you with the most up to date data we can. We know that there is nothing worse than a page full of broken links, but constantly checking your pages are up to date can be very time consuming. Use revAdd and you will no longer need to update your comparison table and offers we'll do it for you automatically. Even if you choose to show your own custom offers we provide backups so we can automatically replace expired deals with appropriate alternatives.

  • Custom Widgets

    Use revAdd's simple wizard to configure one of our customisable widgets, you pick how you want the results to be displayed, ordered and even the styling. We are constantly expanding our range of customisable widgets so keep checking for updates.

  • Easy Setup

    revAdd provides an easy way to set-up your Widgets or API access and means that we can produce the results that suit you. You Pick the merchants you want to show, how you want the data ordered and customise the look and feel. Then simply grab the code snippet and drop it on your site, it's that simple!

  • API

    Got an idea for that new site, mashup or killer app? We know affiliates have great ideas, that's why we have opened our API to you. We'll provide the data leaving you to get on making and promoting your creations.

    You'll love how easy our RESTful API makes consuming data for your App. We like it so much we use it to power all our own Widgets.