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We are offering a limited number of Click 90 and Managed 90 accounts so our users can benefit from best in industry rates.

These accounts are for active users for the life of the account. As long as your account generates at least 1 sale per 2 consecutive month period for our system you will continue to benefit from this great rate. If the account does not generate a sale for our system for 2 consecutive months then it will revert to a standard Click 80 (80/20 clicks split) or Managed 80 (80% of commissions) account.

Click Share Account

Click 90

  • Ideal for users who already have or want to establish their own affiliate accounts and relationships.
  • Industry beating 90/10 click share
    (90% clicks through your Affiliate IDs)
  • Commissions paid directly by the Networks
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Revenue Share Account

Managed 90

  • Ideal for users who are looking for great commission rates combined with quick and easy admin.
  • Industry Beating 90% of commissions
  • Benefit from higher commissions through combined volume
  • We take care of merchant signups and program admin.
  • Regular payments sent 28th of each month.
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