Mobile Comparison

We are offering a number of comparison engines covering the following areas:

  • Contract Handsets
  • PAYG Handsets
  • Recycling Handset
  • SIM Free Handsets

Mobile Comparison Options

We build on our robust comparison engines, by making our system highly configurable to suit our users needs, here is a breakdown of current options available to you.

Custom Merchants

You pick the merchants you want to include in your widget or API instance. This means you wont get held up while waiting for approvals, just add the ones you are already approved on (you can add the rest later). You can set-up multiple instances with different merchant configurations, so for instance say you could have a page dedicated to a single merchant, and set-up a widget dedicated that merchant.

Custom Ordering (contract only)

We allow you to pick the way results are initially ordered. We provide a number of Algorithms for you to pick from.

  • No Algorithm - results will be ordered by Average Monthly Cost
  • Best Deals - orders your results so that the "best" deals are shown first.
  • Prefer Networks - orders your results so that deals directly from the networks are given preference.
  • Free Handsets - orders your results so that deals with free handsets are given preference.

Prefer Basket Links

A number of our merchants provide deep links to both the product page and directly to the basket. If you select “Prefer Basket Links” your users will be sent directly to the merchants basket (where available) instead of the product page.

Zero Commissions

Some Merchants do not pay commissions on certain products or deals (eg a New iPhone) with our "Zero Commissions" option you can opt to exclude these products from your search results.