revAdd aims to make life easy for developers. We've all spent hours poring through documentation trying to figure out how to integrate with a 3rd party API. That’s why we designed our RESTful API to be super simple to use.

You can set-up multiple API instances via our easy to use forms in the members section. Once set-up you can get a link to the API's home page (by clicking on code icon), which details the available calls you can make along with extensive examples. Each API instance has its own unique API Key, which you need to include in all your API calls.

The calls to retrieve information are made using HTTP's get method (so arguments can be entered in the url).

Here is an example of a call to get a list of all manufacturers{APIKEY}

Each call also has a range of options (listed on the API's home page) that you can use to filter and order the results the below example will show manufacturers that have handsets with pay monthly contracts.

Results are returned via XML or JSON (set by adding &format=xml to your url).

This request -{APIKEY}&type=mobile_contract&format=xml

would return would return the following results

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>