Cookie Policy

Like the majority of websites uses cookies in order to function properly.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed on your device by a website. These cookies can then be read by the website (or other websites) next time you visit.

What do we use cookies for? uses cookies for the following reasons:

  1. Analytics - allows us to collect anonymous data on how users find and use our site.
  2. Session cookies - allows our members to login and use the members section.
  3. 3rd party - allows third parties to track users we send to them for the purpose of paying us commission.

How do I stop using cookies?

You can turn cookies 'off' via your browser settings, how to do this will depend on the browser you are using.


By continuing to use our site you agree the it is ok for us to place cookies on your device, if you do not want to receive these cookies you can opt to turn off cookies (in your browser settings), however it may hinder your user experience.

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