New Mobile Phone Comparison iFrame

by revAdd, Thursday, 6th December 2012

revAdd – Mobile iFrame Home Page

revAdd's new Mobile Phone Comparison iFrame is ideal if you want to create a mobile phone comparison section on your site. Using the iFrame you can add all the functionality you need in minutes.

Your users can search for the handsets they want using the easy-to-use form or if they already know what they want they can jump straight to the handsets pages by selecting manufacturer and handset.

On the handset pages they can compare the latest deals, view the specifications and compare handset specifications against other handsets in a side by side comparison.

revAdd – Mobile iFrame Handset Page

The template can be styled to suit your needs, we can even create custom templates if you want a solution that looks completely different or if you want to add other functionality (e.g. filters for minutes / sms / data etc).

Click here to see the new iframe in action -